Evocapil Plus one month Hair Care set


Evocapil Plus One Month HairCare Set contains the products you need for one month. One Evocapil Plus Shampoo, One Evocapil Spray, and One Evocapil Plus Tablets. This Haircare set will get you started fighting hair loss.

Evocapil Plus One Month Hair Care Set

Evocapil Plus One Month Hair Care Set is suitable for people with intense hair loss or hair transplant.

This special offer package contains the products you need for one month:

One Evocapil Plus Shampoo 300 ml.

One Evocapil Plus Dermal Spray 60 ml.

One Evocapil Plus Tablets (60 tablets).

Evocapil Plus Shampoo contains ingredients suitable for the scalp area that becomes sensitive after hair transplantation, and scientists developed it to provide cleaning after hair transplantation.

Evocapil Plus Dermal Spray nourishes the hair root and increases the hair’s shine while making the hair’s diameter thicker.

Evocapil Plus Tablet contains active antioxidant actives; Enriched with keratin, vitamins, and minerals.

How to use One Evocapil Plus Shampoo?

Evocapil Plus Shampoo is very easy to use and apply.

After applying some shampoo to wet hair, it is necessary to rinse thoroughly using water.

How to use Evocapil Plus Dermal Spray?

Apply (in the morning and evening) 5 sprayings to the skin twice a day.

Preferably combine the Spray with Evocapil Intensive Capsules.

How to use Evocapil Plus Tablets?

It may vary depending on your specialist or your doctor’s treatment protocol.

You can begin immediately after the hair transplant.

We recommend taking one tablet after breakfast and one pill after dinner.


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