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Evocapil Plus Dermal Spray 6 bottles


Evocapil Plus Dermal Spray is for all women and men with hair loss problems. It prevents hair from falling out and makes it young and vital again.

Evocapil Plus Dermal Spray is for all women and men with hair loss problems. It prevents hair from falling out and makes it young and vital again.

Why Should I Use Evocapil Plus Dermal Spray?

It would help if you used Evocapil Plus Dermal Spray to treat hair growth in females and males. It helps against hair loss prevention and prolongs hair cycle development by activating weak hair follicles with a 5% Procapil agent. It prevents further hair loss & regrows hair.

Actual hair growth stimulant Evocapil Plus Dermal Spray

Evocapil Plus Dermal Spray contains:

Apigenin, Oleanolic acid, and Biotin Tripeptide-1.

Evocapil Plus Dermal Spray AGA treats weak hair grafts and prolongs hair growth.

It would be best to use Evocapil Plus Dermal Spray in the long-term treatment of Androgenetic Alopecia.

The Evocapil Plus Dermal Spray contains the active ingredient Procapil. It has three different effects when combined with three other substances.

Apigenin: Hair follicle stimulant and vasodilator effect

Oleanolic Acid: Reduces the concentration of DHT in the hair by inhibiting 5-alpha-reductase Type II locally with the inhibitory effect of DHT formation. Since systemic circulation is not involved, it has no side effects.

Biotin Tripeptide-1:

Biotin Tripeptide-1 creates a Folicle barrier effect, which stops the possible damage of DHT to the hair graft at the cellular level by forming a collagen barrier that prevents the possible formation of DHT on the hair graft.

Clinical tests have shown efficacy and safety are more effective than proven, productive agents.

  • Melanin Test: Scientists didn’t detect changes in skin melanin in tests with Evocapil Plus Dermal Spray.
  • Allergy: Scientists proved that Evocapil does not cause any irritant or allergic reaction.
  • Sebum: The Evocapil Plus Dermal Spray In tests, the skin observed sebum (oil) to maintain balance.
  • PH: The skin pH in the safety test (acid-base ratio).
  • Systemic Side Effect: Systemic has no side effect because it is topically practical and locally effective in areas where 5% Procapil Spray included in Evocapil Plus Dermal Spray Spreads is applied.

How Should I Use Evocapil Plus Dermal Spray?

Apply 5 sprayings to the skin twice a day (in the morning and evening). Preferably, combine the Spray with Evocapil Intensive Capsules.

Sixty ml Evocapil anti-hair loss spray fully meets the 1-month treatment requirement.

When Should I Use Evocapil Plus Dermal Spray?

We recommend using Evocapil Plus Dermal Spray twice a day, every day.

Evocapil Plus Dermal Spray controlled Hair loss at the end of the first month; the visible effect appears after 4 to 6 months of regular hair application. At the end of twelve months, you achieved the total result.


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